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"Valerie is a smart, well qualified, hard working attorney who cost effectively serves the needs of her corporate and individual clients. Valerie is known for listening to her clients and applying her particular expertise in estate and family matters ranging from special needs trusts to same-sex couple planning. Valerie proudly serves her community as well through the ongoing charitable work of the Powers-Smith Foundation."

Marc Empey, Co-worker & Business Attorney in Palm Springs, CA


"My dear Valerie:
From the first moment we met, I felt totally comfortable with you. Your manner is so professional and calm and assured; you put me at ease immediately.

I also trusted that you would execute my wishes to fullest and sought your advice knowing of your true expertise in these estate matters and I was right. Your work has been just perfect and exactly as I requested. I shall always recommend you when asked for an estate expert attorney, and look forward to your solving my problems if I should have any in your admirable way… to summarize, I think you are just wonderful and I am so glad to have met."

Lilli Joseph


"Dear Valerie,
My wife and I want to thank you for handling our new trust. You performed in a professional manner and completed the task in a timely manner, even though there were some significant changes midstream. Your friendly attitude was very helpful throughout the whole process. Look forward to working with you in the future.

Pat and Victoria Otos


"Valerie has worked on several different items for me. I appreciate her attention to detail, knowledge and expertise. She was concerned about handling my matters in a timely fashion and I was surprised and delighted that she was responsive and quick to return emails and phone calls. I would highly recommend Valerie Powers to anyone looking for a top notch attorney."

Dr. Rene Dell'Acqua


"I found Valerie Powers to be exceptionally professional, competent and thorough with the development of my Will, Power of Attorney and a Special Needs Trust. This was a major undertaking and of course, very important to me as a single parent. Through this process I have peace of mind for the future welfare of my two sons. I recommend her highly."

Joyce Wright PhD, RN, CNL


"Thanks to a special opportunity provided by our daughter’s school, we were able to have a consultation with Valerie Powers Smith, Esq., and we were able to start planning for our daughter’s future. Ms. Powers Smith helped us to not only assemble our own wills, but she also helped us to set-up a special needs trust and to determine guardianship of our daughter if needed in the future. Ms. Powers Smith helped make the whole process less intimidating. This has given us a greater feeling of security. We feel we have taken definite steps to protect and provide for our daughter."



"Valerie Powers Smith was outstanding in helping our son with multiple disabilities get the Private Duty Nursing he deserves. She works aggressively, efficiently and effectively while keeping her clients up to date on whats going on. If you are struggling to get your medically needy and/or disabled loved one the care they deserve through Medicaid or your private insurance, I would strongly recommend contacting Ms. Powers Smith."

Jill S. Zane


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None Better Than Valerie Powers Smith

Trustworthy ***** Excellent. Responsive ***** Excellent. Knowledgeable ***** Excellent. Kept me informed ***** Excellent.

"We just completed conservatorship of our son a few days ago. He was our grandson until we adopted him a few years ago. He has multiple mental disabilities and has undergone 3 open heart surgeries. He is now 18 years of age and considered an adult; hence a conservatorship was necessary so we can legally handle his medical, schooling, financial, needs, etc.

When we began asking various resources (including other attorneys) as to who was the best attorney in town to complete a conservatorship, only one name continually popped up - that of Valerie Powers Smith. Valerie is extremely knowledgeable in this field and provided the guidance and understanding we needed during this trying year. There is no better attorney than Valerie in the desert area to handle these matters. She is all of the above plus much more. She keeps you in the loop thru emails, and answers your questions immediately.

Valerie will be the attorney we use for estate planning and a special needs trust for our son. It was a pleasure to work with her."

Ria Stein


Valerie Powers Smith is a terrific attorney for special needs individuals

Trustworthy ***** Excellent. Responsive ***** Excellent. Knowledgeable ***** Excellent. Kept me informed ***** Excellent.

"We had a tough case, and did not win, but it was not due to anything Valerie did for us. She was prepared and organized and turned over every stone. If we had enough money to continue, I believe she could have won the Supreme Court Appeal. She is a terrific attorney. It was refreshing to not have to start at the beginning. She "gets" it."

Melissa Sullivan


Super Exceptional Lawyer

Trustworthy ***** Excellent. Responsive ***** Excellent. Knowledgeable ***** Excellent. Kept me informed ***** Excellent.

"There are no words that can express our gratitude for the dedication and superior work of Valerie Powers Smith. It is because of her skillful and outstanding legal representation that many young medically fragile children continue to receive the set of healthcare services that they need.

Children's Medical Daycare serves the most vulnerable residents in the inner-city of Trenton, New Jersey. Specifically, we serve children between the ages of birth to 4 with special healthcare needs. The hallmark of our program is that we serve children that live under challenging social circumstances that place them at risk of medical neglect. Most of the parents of our children are teenagers and young adults with very little resources and education. The medical daycare serves as a safety net for young medically fragile children and a hub of support for the young parents and families that struggle to render care.

One day our medical daycare received a call from the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services informing us that 53 of the 70 children that attended the program were disqualified from receiving services and could no longer attend the program. Needless to say, we were bombarded with calls and letters from desperate parents and families begging us not to discontinue services. One parent wrote:

"There have been many nights when I have stayed up to make sure that my baby was breathing and many nights that I had to spend in the hospital while leaving my other children at home. If it wasn't for Children's Medical Daycare I wouldn't have a job right now. So I write this letter pleading my case that we [my daughter and I] need this center. We need the staff."

Understanding that our parents would not be in a position to effectively advocate for their children to remain in the program, we called on Valerie Powers Smith. We will forever be grateful to her for not only taking all 53 cases, but fighting each and every one tooth and nail to the very end. She seamlessly filed for 53 Fair Medicaid Hearings within a matter of days! Ultimately because of her fierce advocacy and brilliant legal representation ALL of the cases were dropped and the children were able to continue to attend our medical daycare!

The lives of the following children are better because of Valerie's work. Their parents and families have all expressed their heartfelt appreciation.

A. Wadley-Ruthledge. A. Spotwood, A. Scott, A. Saunders, A. McBride, A. Houston-Parks, A. Hill, A. Hayward, A. Blanche, B. Champion-Allen, C. Williams, C. Trent. C. Ortiz, D. Saunders, D. Ramos, D. McDuffie, D. Cloyd, D. Miner, D. Miner, E. Noncent, E. Johnson, F. Thompson, F. Grier, I. Candya-Richardson, J. Houston-Parks, J. Scott, J. Roberts, J. McDuffie-Miller, J. Brown-Louis, J. Barnes, J. Anderson, K. Lilly, K. Jean- Pierre, K. Bethea, K. Barnes, K. Ashe, L. Jones, M. Williams, N. Rattley, N. Enis, O. Waugh, O. Benning, P. Rice. Q. Young, R. Rattley, S. McDuffie, T. James, T. Burrell, Y. Taylor, Y. Jean-Pierre, Y. Acosta, Z. Whitacker, Z. Taylor, Z. Coley, Z. Barnes.

If you are in need of a super exceptional lawyer, and one with compassion and integrity, look no further. I speak for the entire Children's Medical Daycare family when I say it is an honor to call Valerie our lawyer and friend."

Beverlyn Grissom
Horizon Pediatric Systems, Inc.


A True Professional in Every Way

Trustworthy ***** Excellent. Responsive ***** Excellent. Knowledgeable ***** Excellent. Kept me informed ***** Excellent.

"As both a client of and a co-presenter on developmental disabilities health insurance with Valerie Powers Smith, I recommend her not only on the four categories mentioned above, but for her sincere devotion to families affected by autism and other developmental disabilities, her understanding of all involved issues and her ability to quickly focus attention towards a speedy and successful resolution. As a parent of a son with autism, I know and appreciate the need for knowledgeable and decisive legal representation and Valerie Powers Smith is superb in her field of practice."

Robert Titus
Public Policy Director at Autism New Jersey


Valerie Powers gave me the hope and confidence I needed to plan a stable future for my special needs child

Trustworthy ***** Excellent. Responsive ***** Excellent. Knowledgeable ***** Excellent. Kept me informed ***** Excellent.

"I heard about Valerie Powers through Easter Seals of Southeastern PA. I have a 6 year old daughter that has special needs and she attends Easter Seals. Through the generosity of Easter Seals and Valerie, they offered free consultation for future planning. I had just gone through a divorce and was left alone with a disabled daughter. Meeting with Valerie gave me hope and confidence that I could make the right decisions for my daughter. I continued to work with Valerie to set up a long term plan and trust for my daughter so even if something happened to me, she would still be taken care of. During this process I hit many rough times, Valerie was very patient with me and worked with me. Everything is complete, and I have peace of mind. One less thing I have to worry about in my hectic life. I have referred her to several people I know that would benefit from Valerie’s services. . I am very grateful to have met Valerie, It is never easy planning the what ifs, and she made it a easy pleasant process."

Missy R


Class Act and an Excellent Attorney

Trustworthy ***** Excellent. Responsive ***** Excellent. Knowledgeable ***** Excellent. Kept me informed ***** Excellent.

"Ms. Powers-Smith is an example of a competent, thorough, honest and hardworking attorney. She is not only excellent at her craft, but she truly cares about her clients and the work she presents. Her reputation is stellar and she is a true professional. She handled our adoption for our son and it went without any complications and she was thorough with the paperwork. I highly recommend her."

Drs. Yang & Palmer


Respectful, Thorough, Trustworthy, and Responsive

Trustworthy **** Good. Responsive ***** Excellent. Knowledgeable **** Good. Kept me informed ***** Excellent.

"Valerie's strengths can be summed up into these words: Respectful, Thorough, Trustworthy, Responsive. Valerie showed genuine interest in the case and her problem solving methods reflect her best intentions -- that is succeeding in the best interest of her client(s).

I've known and have been privileged to work with Valerie for a few years now. She took complicated issues in my case, scalpeled her way through it, and at the end of the day offered a fair solution that I was happy with. She treated me like a good friend and with total respect. Her communication skills (with emails) were almost as instantaneous as having a dedicated one-to-one chat. She always kept me informed in a timely fashion. The latter I find important given today's available communication tools (email on smartphones and i-devices).

I highly recommend Valerie and will continue to recommend her to my friends, relatives and colleagues."



Helped my son with multiple disabilities get Private Duty Nursing

Trustworthy **** Good. Responsive ***** Excellent. Knowledgeable ***** Excellent. Kept me informed ***** Excellent.

"Excellent in dealing with New Jersey Insurance and Medicaid law when dealing with a child with disabilities."



Trustworthy ***** Excellent. Responsive ***** Excellent. Knowledgeable ***** Excellent. Kept me informed ***** Excellent.

"The services of Valerie Powers Smith, Esq. has played a pivotal role in enabling my special needs daughter to retain her much needed services on two separate occasions. I can not thank her enough for her very competent and responsive guidance. Highly recommend."



Very Pleased

Trustworthy ***** Excellent. Responsive **** Good. Knowledgeable ***** Excellent. Kept me informed **** Good.

"Valerie helped us to gain guardianship of our special needs son. She is very knowledgeable of special needs laws and was sensitive to our challenges and concerns."



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